The marketing interview – questions, answers and what to wear!

Marketing interview questions are as unique and diverse and the person, or people, who will interview them. Each come with their own criteria!  However there are some common themes, as well as some new kids on the block!

Fairly straightforward questions about roles, functions and definitions:

  • marketing channels
  • pricing strategies and programs
  • promotions
  • managing retailing, wholesaling and market logistics
  • marketing – online and direct
  • monitoring and controlling marketing activities
  • advertising, sales promotion and public relations
  • organization
  • sales force management

Less straightforward:

  • you are presented with a scenario and asked what you (and your marketing team) will do to improve your marketing. Be prepared to show that you have a good understanding of appropriate tactics and their outcomes.
  • you are presented with a scenario that utilizes specific software.  Be prepared to demonstrate that you have a good working knowledge of the software.
  • you are presented with a choice of two potential marketing strategies.  Be prepared that there may not be a ‘right’ answer, and that you will be expected to delve a little deeper.

Now, what to wear! Of course, it’s an interview, so you want to be well put together.  But this is marketing, right, so you want to show that you’ve got an edge.  So, here are some ideas:

  • wear something classic and somewhat conservative.  This will show that you take the interview seriously.
  • add something ‘current’ and ‘happening’.  You want to show that you’re up with the trends and no how to use them successfully.
  • women can make somewhat of a statement with jewelry.  You can still be professional while incorporating something a little ‘out there’.
  • carry your documents in something professional and hip.  Don’t feel obliged to carry a briefcase – these days there are lots of crossover models available!  Messenger bag briefcases don’t stray too far from the traditional, and also give a message that you haven’t been left behind! Click here for some great ideas!
  • for the guys, you need to be aware that if you have facial hair it can make as much of an impact as your shoes, clothes and man bag combined!  If you’re not clean shaven, trim those whiskers to make them as much as a fashion statement as the rest of you!


Marketing Interview Questions

Marketing resume guidelines

Your marketing resume is your opportunity to promote your unique brand to your prospective employer.  It’s time to market yourself, and this is probably going to be the most important marketing document you ever create!

However this doesn’t mean that you need to stray too far from the norm. People have come to expect resumes to follow a fairly standard format, and deviate too far from this and you may risk your resume ending up in the trash!


Contact Information

This needs to come first.  Make sure that you include:

  • First and last name, and if you don’t use your given name, make a note of the name that you do use.
  • Physical address
  • Phone numbers – cell and home
  • Email address



While this is optional, it can really help a prospective employer to get a good idea, and quickly, of who you are and what you hope to bring to the organization.


Career Summary / Highlights

This is where you get to shine!  It’s ok to brag, let them know about the great things that you’ve achieved, the skills and experience that you’ll be able to put to good use should you get the position that you’re applying for. Be careful not to get stuck on ‘responsible for’ – it’s not your duties you want to be highlighting, it’s your successes!  Be specific and spell out the end results; don’t be afraid to use hard numbers to illustrate your successes!



List the companies that you’ve worked for in the past, including dates and positions held.  Use formatting (eg bulleted list) to keep things well ordered.



List schools, degrees, courses and online study.  Anything that shows that you’ve made an effort and achieved some knowledge is worth sharing here.  Once you progress from basic education, make sure that each point clearly demonstrates a relationship to marketing.  If it doesn’t, point it out!



List everything that you feel is related to the particular position (and field if it feels appropriate) that you’re applying for.


Once you’ve got the basics down, you need to concentrate on demonstrating a few of the skills that you’re trying to promote.  You know how to market products, and this time the product is you!  Use the same techniques the you would use to market any product, and aim to show the benefits of hiring you – sell the sizzle!

Don’t worry if your first, second or even third attempt leaves you seething with frustration.  Walk away, do something else for a while and get back to it when you’re ready.  It might be helpful to talk to family or friends about your strengths and assets that you can bring to a marketing position.  Expect to rework this a few times, and to make adjustments for each position that you apply for to more effectively illustrate your suitability for the job.  A career in promoting products and companies can make it difficult to market yourself!

Marketing resume samples


How to determine, and demonstrate, your objective for your resume

When a potential employer prepares to take a look at your resume, the question at the top of the list is often “What is the motive of this candidate?”.  Don’t make them guess, or wade through the whole resume to get an idea of this.  Tell them the objective for your resume, and tell them right away.

objective for resumeYour objective should be short and to the point, as well as quite specifically focused on the job that you’re applying for.  Obviously you want to make the point that your objective is to do an excellent job in a role exactly like this one! It is an opportunity to confirm to the employer that you didn’t stumble upon this job accidentally, that it doesn’t just somewhat fit the criteria in your job search.  Rather, let them know that this job is for you and, more to the point, that you fully understand the job that you’re applying for.

First, clearly state that this is your objective by creating an ‘Objective’ heading and follow with your specific objective:


Obtain a [marketing position] with [this company] where I can maximize my [list a few relevant skills] to [how your role will contribute to the company].

A sentence or two is sufficient – it is only a very brief summary of your employment goals, written in a way that addresses the requirements of the job that you’re applying for. In this short space you will be able to convey a lot if you concentrate on your wording.  Aim to tell the company that you want this particular job with this particular company, that your skills are suited to the job and that if you are given the opportunity to work in this capacity that you will be of benefit to the company.

Here are some key words that you could include:

  • enthusiastically
  • achieve
  • goal
  • devotion
  • hard work
  • succeed
  • growth
  • satisfaction
  • serve
  • environment
  • learning process
  • challenges
  • utilize
  • creatively
  • organizational
  • self development
  • contribute
  • astute learner
  • best performer
  • excellence

Once completed, you’ve just sent a very clear and positive message to your potential employers!